heating and cooling systemsWith two-thirds of all homes in the U.S. having air conditioners, most homeowners have to deal with HVAC problems at one point or another. While heating and cooling systems are extremely beneficial and offer the ability to have your home a comfortable temperature all year long, there are certain issues that may warrant professional heating and cooling services. So to ensure your home stays comfortable, let’s explore a few common problems you may see with your HVAC system. Dirty filter: Fortunately, there is a simple way to ensure your heating and cooling system is running efficiently: replace the filter. For maximum efficiency, HVAC filters should be replaced regularly. A clean filter allows the air to flow easily through your home and helps your system run without added strain. A dirty filter can lead to further issues, like causing the system to overheat. So make sure your system’s filter is replaced when needed. Wear and tear: Over time, the mechanical components within heating and cooling systems will begin to show signs of wear and tear. While this is completely normal and expected, it’s important to replace worn parts sooner than later. The HVAC system relies on these mechanical parts to function properly — so when they’re worn out, it can cause the system to be inefficient, have airflow issues, and even overheating concerns. So regular HVAC maintenance is needed to check for parts that need to be replaced. Leaks: When air conditioners and furnaces run, they produce condensation. While there are drain pipes within the system to help the water drain properly, these pipes may become damaged or clocked. And when this happens, there may be a water leak. If there is a water leak, an HVAC technician should inspect the system to determine exactly why the leak is occurring. Regular maintenance and cleaning should keep the drain pipes clean and functioning. Your HVAC system is an important part of your home, and yet, many homeowners often forget the importance of proper maintenance. So if you notice anything off with your heating and cooling system, make sure to schedule HVAC maintenance. This is especially important with the cool weather approaching — get any issues taken care of now so you can enjoy a nice, warm home all winter long.

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